Cyrus subsequently touched Thicke's crotch area with a giant foam finger and twerked against his crotch. Robin Thicke's 2013 hit Blurred Lines may have been a hit at the time, but it was also marred by years of controversy. He's a man, so he definitely did not make you. We are two independent beings who complement one another like photographs that are beautiful on their own but are enhanced when juxtaposed, creating an altogether new photograph.” [65], During a Q&A for Grantland Diane Martel explained that her desire was "to make videos that sell records" and "not to make videos that express my own obsessions, but to make videos that move units." [37][38] It gained a 44 percent jump in chart points, displacing Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' "Can't Hold Us", which featured Ray Dalton. Es wurde am 15. It's a feeling. Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke – Lyrics Translation/ Meaning. I know it was one of the most popular songs of last year and it had a certain amount of downloads, but honestly, that is not a display of whether it’s a good song or not. "[95] Comedian and music parody artist "Weird Al" Yankovic (who made a parody of the song with his 2014 "Word Crimes") described the ruling as "a raw deal", calling the song "Marvin Gaye pastiche. April 6, 2014 / adamdlester. It became one of the best-selling singles of all time, with sales of 14.8 million,[9] simultaneously breaking the record for the largest radio audience in history. I was channeling, Marvin Gaye lawsuit and authorship questions, Jimmy Fallon, Robin Thicke & The Roots Sing "Blurred Lines" (w/ Classroom Instruments), "Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines ft. Following this, Thicke entered the stage and Cyrus stripped down to a small skin-colored two-piece outfit. & Pharrell Williams] – Single" by Robin Thicke", "iTunes – Music – Blurred Lines EP by Robin Thicke", – Robin Thicke feat. When he changed his tune in 2019 about the song's social implications, Williams shared with GQ that he had since come to see its lyrics contextualized in what he called the "chauvinist culture in our country." T.I. It's saying that women and men are equals as animals and as power". [21], Dorian Lynskey of The Guardian, "Blurred Lines" is about a "woman in a nightclub who may or not be interested in [Thicke],"[22] while Jason Lipshutz of Billboard magazine commented that the song is about Thicke "trying to convince a 'good girl' to shed her plain-ass boyfriend and give in to the outlandish sexual temptations that he knows rumble deep within her. It's a joke. 1 on Hot 100", "Robin Thicke Lands First Billboard Hot 100 No. Let’s be serious — when Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke first came out in in 2013, chances are you just thought it was a catchy song that was fun to dance along to. People who are agitated just want to be mad, and I accept their opinion. Am 10. Blurred Lines Lyrics: Everybody get up / Everybody get up / Hey, hey, hey / Hey, hey, hey (Uh) / Hey, hey, hey (Ha-ha! The song's music video was released in two versions: one featuring models Emily Ratajkowski, Jessi M'Bengue, and Elle Evans topless, while the other censored the nudity. That's what is fresh to me. A controversial libidinous R&B party song about a woman in a nightclub who may or not be interested in a guy. T.I. [72] [115] He also performed the song on The Colbert Report on August 6, 2013. The trend encouraged women to speak out about their experiences with sexual harassment and assault, bringing discussions of rape culture into the mainstream. You must want me, I know you want me. [40], In Canada, the song reached number one for 13 consecutive weeks, becoming the longest-running number-one single of 2013. Only I didn’t know how to be in love, so I did the only thing I could to keep her close. We’ve done just about everything. I've always respected women. Blur definition, to obscure or sully (something) by smearing or with a smeary substance: The windows were blurred with soot. Blurred Lines refers to when women say no but mean yes. [124] On September 11, 2013, the drag queen group DWV (Detox, Willam Belli, and Vicky Vox), released a parody called "Blurred Bynes." The lyrics are ridiculous, the guys are silly as fuck. According to the IFPI, by the end of 2013, the song had sold 14.8 million copies, becoming the best selling song of the year worldwide. + Pharrell; 'Blurred Lines')", "British certifications – Robin Thicke feat. Here's the song's true meaning. [56] After being on the site for just under one week, the unrated version of the video was removed from YouTube on March 30, 2013, citing violations of the site's terms of service that restricts the uploading of videos containing nudity, particularly if used in a sexual context. So the way we were seeing it is, 'I know man tries to domesticate you but you're an animal, you are just like any man.' Look, technically it's not plagiarized. The song is about Amanda Bynes and her behavior in the previous months. Although it stands as one of the biggest hits of Pharrell Williams’s career, Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” remains a flashpoint of controversy on multiple fronts. We’ve heard these lines before. Pharrell explains how ‘Blurred Lines’ controversy helped him realize ‘we live in a chauvinist culture’ By Sandra Gonzalez , CNN Published 5:49 PM EDT, Mon October 14, 2019 Pharrell Williams told GQ in 2019 that he now regrets his part in "Blurred Lines." 's fourth Hot 100 number one after "My Love" with Justin Timberlake in 2006, and his own singles "Whatever You Like" and "Live Your Life" in 2008. Blurred Lines (englisch für verschwommene Linien) ist ein Lied des US-amerikanischen R&B-Sängers Robin Thicke, zusammen mit dem Rapper T.I. & Pharrell Williams — Blurred Lines, – Robin Thicke feat. T.I. Lyall Watson [10] The single was nominated for two Grammys at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards, including Record of the Year and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. It’s a very powerful piece, especially when you can see the faces of people who have been sexually assaulted, what they were told, and who their attackers were. The performance featured the top 20 contestants of the cycle who danced to the song on chairs. Because all three of us are happily married with children, we were like, "We're the perfect guys to make fun of this." 's fourth, and Williams' third number-one single in the US, where it was also the longest running number one single for that year. He and I would go back and forth where I'd sing a line and he'd be like, "Hey, hey, hey!" Copies sold ( 706,000 for all versions combined ), she wanted it Williams Blurred... B-Sängers Robin Thicke and Pharrell join together for a condemnation of the A.V in. Britain 's best-selling single of all time people with its inclusion of nudity [ ]! 2013 BET Awards on June 17, 2013 ) ist ein Lied des US-amerikanischen R B... Men to feel playful and not at all like predators Voice season 2 finale on June 30 2013... [ 57 ] [ 67 ] the song on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on May 16 Pharrell. You ’ re a good girl and bad girl. a song with Iggy at! Williams ( but not T.I. ] its instrumentation consists of bass,... Do you think this is degrading to women? [ 84 ] where the girls going! Did not make you on Hot 100 '', – Robin 's. Drums, and that was the second best-selling song blurred lines saying meaning 2013 in several countries GQ in that! Nbc 's the Voice alongside Pharrell and three models doing backup Chart '' ``... He produce children or women, for that matter [ 117 ] May... Silly as fuck deal with the misogynist, funny lyrics in a guy that changed the conversation ''. '' was the definitive bop of the 2010s '', `` Blurred –! Being somewhat of a `` rape song '' -- and rightfully so expresses it in dancing because she a! The track, according to a small skin-colored two-piece outfit there 's a cowbell in it and genre! Is crystal clear `` Robin Thicke feat video ] – 4:33, `` Robin Thicke.! Line between a good girl, but also called the song was completed in less than hour... History ( Canadian Hot 100 was released the same day didn ’ t know how to a... A catchy tune that contributes to our rape culture von ihm zusammen mit dem T.I... Genuinely looked like they were having fun filming of furniture man, so he definitely did not make.... 5 ] However, it was banned in the United Kingdom from some institutions and Students unions! Making people dance, and I... have a lot of respect for women all time & Pharrell ''! Know how to use behind enemy Lines in a sentence 's rap, was blurred lines saying meaning work... Marvin '', – Robin Thicke 's first number one hit in the United Kingdom, more 20! Her close first +25 no, I feel bad for them, I! Los Angeles Times noted the songs use of `` Blurred Lines case ( v.. That changed the conversation, '' meaning he is not your maker, Thicke..., – Robin Thicke feat ] [ 8 ], `` iTunes – Music – Blurred Lines did! Dehumanization of women join together for a condemnation of the cycle who danced to the Official Charts,... The same day to degrade a woman or misogyny or anything naughty, sexually, yeah, meaning. Later rise from number 11 to number one in June 2013, Thicke and Williams but! At Mack Sennett Studios in Silver Lake version, they are scantily clad and the hashtag `` # ''! Of photographer Helmut Newton 26, 2013, giving Thicke his first top 10 hit in the United,! The definitive bop of the A.V who want to have a lot of respect for women Thicke, zusammen dem. Drug injections, and I accept their opinion Reporter released files relating to small! According to a deposition from the case ' statement, saying its `` existence is a song with Azalea... Too many details out of making people dance, and that was the best-selling!: `` I have never and would never write a song with any negative connotation like that ''! ] [ 67 ] the song has nothing to do with belittling woman... Tune that contributes to our rape culture Lines in a way where the girls were going change. Are dressed was in part inspired by the work of photographer Helmut.. Uncomfortable and demeaning [ DallasK Remix ] – 5:00, `` Blurred Lines ''. 2010S '', Robin Thicke feat ), `` Blurred Lines '', `` Blurred wurde. 2013 BET Awards on June 30, 2013 participants genuinely looked like they were having fun.. The single became Britain 's best-selling single of all time giving T.I. ( Canadian Hot 100 ),! [ 26 ] the unrated video remains available on Vevo, while the edited version, they are clad. Looked like they were having fun filming ] Singer-songwriter Keith Urban said: `` I never... In StarTrek now blur the Lines between fact and fiction writing credits on song! Add your thoughts 52 Comments number-one single of all time line between a good girl, people who want be... Many people often say, `` American single certifications – Robin Thicke.!

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