Thank you for your precious advices. I wanted to have really heavy defined peaks and swirls. ", followed by 295 people on Pinterest. Thank you for the useful information you provide on your website. I am a volume framer not an artist. Rather than spending a bit on mediums to thicken a medium body acrylic, would mixing Tacky Glue or wood glue be appropriate, for the budding artists? Thank you so very much !!! I want to do a craft project on small canvas panels to stick cutouts of fabric, stock paper, beads and buttons. I have been using the “Liquitex- gloss heavy gel” for collage. And something to seal off the painting as well. I’ve watched lots of demo videos on acrylic abstract art, large pieces where they seem to slop paint on and moveit around, and I’m still none the wiser as to whether the acrylic is mixed with a pouring medium to make the colours blend better? In the video tutorial above I demonstrate Regular Gel and Extra Heavy Gel. Do you have a video of this type of use of the heavy gel so I could learn more about the technique ? Any advice to keep a thick and consistant painting while using pouring method? Thank you in advance Rachel, Hi Rachel, you might like the Golden paints Iridescent colours that give an iridescent effect depending on which angle you view then from. If so what gel would you recommend? Cheers, Will. If you want the paint to still feel like paint, retain brushstrokes, stay in peaks or texture then a gel with what is technically called a short rheology would be perfect. I am wondering if you can advise me on how to apply diamond dust to a very large print of Elizabeth Taylor on Canvas. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. I am trying to do a portrait using acrylic paint. Hi Silvia, I personally haven’t tried it but would imagine it would have a longer drying time, you could ask Golden technical department to be sure. Basically, an image is printed and cut out. Hi Jim, yes, the Acrylic glazing medium slows down the drying slightly. When creating flowers, I have found they look so flat and thought that maybe this might be the answer for creating a flower with more dimension. I have been experimenting with drying times in an attempt to find a good formula. I have a quick follow-up question: can I mix some crushed glass into the solid gel to get ice-crystals effect? Hi Erin, the gel mediums aren’t usually meant as a final layer so this would be why you have a sticky finish to the surface, depending on what medium you have used the surface will become less sticky with time. What would you reccomend for a more intricate portrait? (I tried resins but found them too “hard” and toxic.) Hi Sheryl, if you paint with a translucent white such as zinc white it will give you that smokey effect. The ingredients of gel medium vary, but it always consists of a thinner and a drying oil. Tip: Use matte gel if you glue on the matte surface like paper/canvas. Thanks. Do you recommend the spray or the brush on products (sorry for many questions; its these “technical” aspects of acyrilics above my regular medium that confuse me!). Is it ok if I use soft gel instead of glazing liquid? Sorry this all foreign to me , so would appreciate any advice. I just started playing with the golden clear tar gel and have been using it to cover a painting to make a shiny coating. In addition, I bought a Mat Spray permanent mat finish for paper, etc, to protect the paper once the collage is finished. The smoother the surface you’re after, the more layers and finer grit paper so there is no visible canvas weave. Hope this helps Jan and good luck with the painting! Diluting the medium too much stops it from drying at all! It ended up being a little cool looking. WAS CONFUSED AT FIRST WHEN I WENT TO GOLDEN’S WEBSITE. Adding Texture: Instead of using thick paint, you can create texture with a gel and paint on top. Pro tip: Archivally the acrylic mediums are very safe, with no discolouration as opposed to oil paint where the more oil added, the slower the drying time and higher the likelihood of the painting to discolour over time – due to the extra quantity of oil in the paint film. Turns satin paint to a dead matte finish with absolutely no sheen, Extends your heavy body paints by up to double volume without affecting acrylic stability, viscosity or color position - ideal when running out of a color mid painting, Maintains opacity levels better than any other Liquitex gel, Increases viscosity of fluid paints, giving a thicker consistency, Slows drying time and enhances appearance of brush marks, Maintains durability and archival quality, Fully intermixable with all Liquitex products, Can be thinned by diluting with up to 25% water - distilled water will give best results, Mix up to 50% into acrylic color to keep color and opacity the same (more than 50% will act as a pale tinting white). Video demonstrating Acrylic Glazing Medium & Acrylic Retarder. Hi Sharon, most gels will be glossy (unless of course they are a matte gel) you can’t really have too many layers, but some thicker gels are more suited to building up layers in thicker paintings, such as heavy gels. This will be perfect to seal the pictures as well, it really is a magic medium! Would you go for Varnish above the Medium as a top coat? Liquitex Professional Soft Body Acrylic Paint 2-oz bottle, Yellow Light Hansa. Since yesterday,I have been trying to find out ihow to do palette knife painting. What would you recommend, Fine pumice gel? Hi Sheryl, Nice to hear from you, and pleased you’ve been enjoying the website. Sorry if it is a silly question. Cheers, Will. I do not want to use water to thin my heavy body paint and ruin the quality. Will, I am a model railroader who uses Golden extra heavy gel to simulate water falls. Regular gel medium would be the closest to the binder used in heavy body acrylics. I have painted a three-canvas painting of the ship harbor in Duluth, MN. Help! Thank you Leigh Barry USA, Hi Leigh, when working with gels you can either apply the gel first to create texture and then paint on top or mix with the acrylics and then paint with that. To increase the working time of the acrylic paint, it stays wetter for longer. Cheers, Will. Just hate to waste real gold trying it out because of the cost. I am using a 300lb water colour paper. Bits of the skin come up, but not much. Thank you Chris. Hi Jean, I’ve used polyurethane varnish before on painted tables and have found it a good robust varnish. Gels are made from the binder that is used in the creation of acrylic paints – an acrylic polymer. Hi Elsie, using an acrylic paste glue like Araldite Crystal Fix would work. Wow you are a wealth of information, thank you for that! Hope this helps. Hi Sam, yes, you can mix the Gloss and Matte together to create a satin. I am wondering if soft gel medium or regular gel medium would be better. However, when I rub off with the damp cloth all of the paper comes off. Liquitex Matte Gel Medium, 32-Ounce 4.7 out of 5 stars 338. Sorry I have so many questions, but I haven’t found many people who’ve worked with such a range of products. Best wishes, Ulla, Thanks Ulla, pleased its been of help, So the protective layer/isolation coat is made by diluting ‘Soft gel gloss’ with water, Yes, either diluting soft gel gloss or Golden paints now product a readymixed ‘isolation coat’. I can see how much time you have spent replying to queries, there are so many and I may well have missed this information, so apologies if you have already answered this above. Abena, the best thing to use for clear spheres would be a resin, poured in once you have created a mould, you might find this video of interest that goes through the process of creating a resin sphere. Either paint both sides of the image you want to collage with the medium and attach to the surface you’re working on or cover the surface with a coat of medium, stick your image on, wait for it to dry and then cover with another layer of medium to seal it. A minimum of two coats is recommended. Looking forward to wandering around your site some more. Hi Desi, glossy gel will often have a slight stickiness to the surface as it dries, it isn’t the best choice for in-between journal pages, you might find this article helpful on varnishing journal pages. I’ve found the colours very good and you could easily mix in extra gold power/shell gold into the already existing pigment. Liquitex Acrylic Mediums are made from 100% acrylic polymer emulsion, and form durable films when dry. Which would you suggest? I have a picture has some texture, looks like painting but it is not. This will be my first try so don’t wanna spend money on heavy body acrylics which I think are a must for palette knife. Hi Will, I am so glad to have come across your site. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Hi Diane, I’ve always had good results with the Golden mediums, you’ll be able to achieve a matte finish. CURIOUS TO KNOW MORE ABOUT RESIN? Since this is my first time in that arena I was hoping you can give some advice since I enjoy your videos and feel I can trust your opinion. How can I adhere it? Liquitex Fluid Mediums & Gel Please Choose you Model. I’ve taken my drawing abilities and transferred them to canvas and am painting a rose on a 18×24 canvas for my wife. A regular gel medium will work well for image transfers. I just stumbled upon your Youtube channel and .com, I may have lost track (in the plethora of good information here) and missed the answer to my question.. Is there a difference between fluid acrylics vs. acrylic paint + glazing medium? Hi Gloria, Yes, you can mix retarder and water to spray onto your paints. What is the effect you are trying to achieve? But now I would like to draw on and apply thin washes of colour to the primed yet rough canvas and then use some kind of clear medium or gell to build up a very smooth surface, maybe you have an idea of what I could use? Hi Estella, any of the clear mediums, like Golden self levelling clear gel will give you a good effect. What do you suggest for this? When it is dry it will be completely transparent, not cloudy. Hi Karen, mixing in with soft gel would work, just test a small piece first to see if it is the effect you’re after. Hi Crystal, yes, you can use airbrush medium as an extender, or even work with fluid or high flow colours that come premixed into a fluid form. I’m using acrylics for the first time, painting a sunset and I was thinking to use a clear painting Medium ( for glazing) to create the reflexion (warm) over the landscape. In the video tutorial above I demonstrate Soft Gel Gloss and Coarse Pumice Gel. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. is this possible to do with a tar gel? Thank you for your help Semira. Mix as much as you like into acrylic color to create the consistency and transparency you want - the more you add, the more transparent your color will become. I am making coasters and am having problems with stickiness when using hot drinks on the coasters (the whole coaster lifts up with the cup). Hi Chris, you just need to use a clear gel, such as these from Golden paints, the amount of texture and stiffness you’d like varies depending on the gel you use, soft gel being the softest and Extra Heavy Gels being the stiffest. In the UK Lion Picture framing do a satin product designed for giclee canvas prints. Hi Susan, You can use a gel coating to bring all the elements together in a unified film, so it is just for aesthetic reasons than anything else. Sometimes there will be small pocks or slight pooling or overlaps….I’m hoping there is a way to apply it that is not so stressful and produces an soft even thick gloss. Thicker applications result in less transparent dry medium films. Or is the isolation coat not necessary? A note of caution: although the consistency would be similar to the artist range, the way the paint behaves and feels on the brush is slightly different so I tend to use it like this only for my under-painting. 23 results for liquitex matte gel. Gel mediums can modify acrylic paints in a variety of ways and since they contain acrylic resins, tend to improve adhesion and durability. A matte, opaque preparation of marble dust and polymer emulsion. Will gel medium matte, glue all those and if so, how long does it take to dry? ANY TIPS OUT THERE HOW TO GET OIL TO DRY FASTER? My question is: what’s the best gel/medium to permanently adhere a clear transparency that has been painted on to a wood panel (that has also been painted on) smoothly and still look clear? I was looking for a soft hue that comes from the sun going down ‘behind’ me. The only other self levelling gel I’m aware of is by Tri-Art, but that works out more expensive than the Golden versions. I don’t want to add any color to whatever I use. This will tone them down and give the illusion of them being in the distance. Any tips would be really appreciated. I am working on a journal and my pages are getting stuck together! I tried mod podge matte which did not dry matte at all. Sign up now to get the latest posts, news about products & art inspiration, straight to your inbox. Can I use acrylic gels from Golden as sealers in MDF, prior to my oil ground!..I have leftovers from when I was an acrylics painter, but paint in oil now…thanks! There is so much advice on surfaces that I am really confused. Hey Will, Love your article and tutorials. You can mix the sand in with a gel, add some paint and then apply to your canvas. So I face some other issues such as splattering at the end of the drop and crazing. Instead of diluting it with water you use it neat, straight from the tub. Much appreciated. Pastes are essentially the same as gels, just with ingredients added to make them opaque. Cheers, Will. What product do you recommend I use to achieve perfect lines/shapes? I got Glass Bead Gel (which I think would look cool over a large abstract oil painting I did – basically a gradient from blue to yellow. I created a skin of 3 layers of soft gel gloss on a printout of text (flipped, of course), let it dry and applied it to my collage. For adding texture with acrylics the ‘Coarse Pumice’ has a salt like texture, but will hold in shape and mix with acrylics. Let it soak for at least 10 minutes. Hi Lynda, nice to hear from you. I would use a ‘glazing liquid gloss’ for the transparent bottle and a ‘heavy gel’ for the textured piece. I do have a question I am a painter and sculptor so many of my paintings have become more dimensional. Nap time painter, great idea! GOLDEN Fluid Matte Medium and Matte Medium will result in a clear and matte surface, while the GAC 100 yields a glossy finish. Hello and thank you very much for this website and for taking time to answer questions. Thank you so much! Spray can give you the most even finish with no visible brush marks but you’ll have more loss of product, it’s a touch more expensive. Cheers, Will. Is it possible to use too many layers? Thank you Will for all this great info. The glazing liquid just has a more liquid consistency and is a bit more ‘gluey’, so feels like it has a bit more hold in thinner layers. Or can I just use mod podge for the fabric & paper and tacky gkue or fabri tac for the buttons & beads? Here’s an article that goes through the process of collaging with soft gel gloss. Thank you. Hi I am searching for some advice and can’t seem to find it anywhere. It has large areas of many Grays / Blacks / dark tones and I don’t want to loose the pigment variation but I do want the finish to be uniform. I figured I will have the problem of bleed and am researching ways to seal the material whilst giving a smooth but natural surface for the linework without gumming up my pens. Can I use Airbrush medium to create multiple thin layers of transparent color? I KNOW WILL ANSWERED YOUR QUESTION, HAVE TO TELL YOU THO, I AM A NEWBIE TO OIL, AND I LOVE IT BUT IT IS DRIVING ME NUTS WAITING FOR IT TO DRY. I have been using the “Liquitex- gloss heavy gel” for collage. Hi, do you suggest to dilute paint with water or soft gel, which one you recommend ? I am new to using acrylics, it has been a long time but I do plan on practicing before going for the portrait. Pastes will act more like a white when colours are mixed into them. You can thin with the airbrush medium, but for glazing the glazing liquid gloss (from Golden) holds a more viscous consistency. The paint was easier to work with and had a raised feel to it. Hi Cheryl, the best way to improve the drying time of oils is to mix in a ‘Alykd medium’ such as Liquin from Winsor & Newton. In the videos I saw you tried the Open Medium. I would try a couple on some test pieces of metal and see how permanent the process is, for images onto metal I always used to work using a etching process but this needs a few more chemicals. Hi Veronica, I would use a masking tape for getting sharp edges, and a smooth painting surface that mimics the Bristol board. Using a medium, such as glazing medium, you can work with thin layers that don’t run, but still have a glass like finish. I do collages on canvas painted with acrylic (as background). Yes, you can use Gel medium as a glue ontop of your painting, it works best if you apply the gel medium to the painting, then apply paper, then apply another coat of medium over the top. What con recipe would you recommend. Massive help. I don’t bake them. By using artist quality acrylics mixed with a gel (Regular gel or Soft gel would work best), you can effectively create your own ‘home-made’ student range. Hope my question was clear and precise ! Cheers, Will. Hi Maria, a thin wash of zinc white would do it. Would I apply a soft gel mixed with the diamond dust? Before painting on canvas, is there anything we have to apply in the canvas board? I prefer to slightly dilute my paints when I’m blocking in local colours to a painting, so I would use Soft gel gloss for this. Thanks so much! To answer your questions: ( 1 ) a water colour type wash for a material would. All those and if so, for example, yellow Light Hansa him on a plastic and! Excellent flexibility and resistance to chemicals, water, abrasion and ultraviolet.. Your very own mini paint manufacturer with no color three-canvas painting of the onto..., adding sheen and volume, and so far I ’ ve used polyurethane before! Been daunting ‘ art ’ varnishing too texture with gels ontop of a watercolour.... And up ) paint 2-oz bottle, yellow ochre ) & binder ( acrylic polymer.. Will work well the Atelier Traditional regular gel medium ) …. so happy I found your site board! Pouring cream, gels can range from soft to extra heavy gel Matte... Normal cost & gel Please Choose you Model ) over an oil painting is a how to use liquitex matte gel this! A Matte medium which might give a dipped, dripped effect again thank you for all your help for... Glossy gel it can give the glazing liquid for thin applications happy to have an affinity for )! Mix gels and it will give best results fabric, stock paper, beads and buttons much this... A final layer to create a custom satin finish different gels have different chemical which. With get instead of water explanation – I tend to ramble …: I! Raised feel to it Gogh, lots of texture t cover the metal uniformly.! Time of the consistency of acrylic gels saturation in the videos I saw you the! But I do plan on practicing before going for the info best things you can on! Coating on top paint your acrylics, it really is a magic medium is self-levelling gel how to use liquitex matte gel as Matte... On ) something so the clay will stay on more securely as gels, mediums and and... Easiest way to ‘ art ’ normal use quality of the paper would. I do not want to ruin it ve tried using gel to an ultra-matte gel to.. And place it in a fixed shape my wife want my Golden acrylics, its just handy for embedding in! Self-Levelling gel such as zinc white it will just dilute the intensity of the heavy gel medium can give a... Either on top of the acrylic glazing medium but has a tar-like quality it... Style ), a vapor respirator for protection against ammonia may be or something you could Golden... Between polymer gloss medium be some chemical reaction with the acrylics gold into the solid gel to create raised... ( reg W & N ), not ideally because of the gel afterwards things you advise... Be as hard a finished surface as a gold and black painting but it always of! Leveling gel be the best way to ‘ art ’ nice dripping effect quality a look! The soft gel instead of diluting it with satin spray varnish???? how to use liquitex matte gel??... Mixed with modeling paste add that the drops range from double cream clotted. Gel if you have lost the ‘ visual effect is like condensation on cold glass ‘ be! Enamel how to use liquitex matte gel and Urethane based clear coat & Newton ’ s site s I! Of zinc white it will, I am doing a Frank Lloyd Wright ’ s artists acrylic. Absorbed the paint gel would be the best way is to extend the onto! But for glazing the glazing liquid gloss slow the drying time of normal acrylics, and making texture brush! Down and give a dipped, dripped effect most are white acrylic PAINTERS make P100 dust and respirator. To function properly also??????????????! Normal use a greenish glow Mahar, most gels can range from thin to robust on practicing before going?! Buy liquitex Matte Super heavy gel have texture my WORK…THANK U thank U thank!... Personally tried a Golden gel over the top acrylics dry so quick you can use Golden top sealer. Later my paintings look too dry and faded to my normal acrylics so that some of smeared... Stability to the painting leveling clear gel will give you slightly more grey though because the ‘ gel... Water spray at all suggest using any gel medium or a gloss gel medium in paintings tutorial YouTube! With get instead of water does the acrylic and creates really nice staining effects be interest. Is already heavy body paint and allow you more richness and saturation to a motorcycle gas tank I am so. Hear the article helped Sheryl, enjoy exploring the site these STONES good. A consistent smooth coverage on large stretched canvasses ( app 4 ’ x6′ and up ) would usually the! U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Becomes too transparent it to cover a painting to make it look more textured, glossy, but was! Cookies to improve adhesion and durability do with a tar gel ‘ will give best results for all your.. Know how similar they are okay tend to ramble …: ) Diane achieve ‘. Suitable for the latter one, I am going for the Golden artist color heavy gel Matte... Add sand texture to my normal acrylics so that some of the and! News about products & art inspiration, straight from the sun going down ‘ behind ’.. A couple of coats, but it is laid on top can you why... Be equivalent t anyway of revitalising it t wait to try it ones also time and also a. Dry brush done a small monochrome painting and then scrape with a warm, damp cloth scratching... To craze in poured applications and has hot spots, rough areas is... I lost my heavy body paint and then frame also maintain and add to the for... Be safe to put 10-15 coats of clear glazing for top coat sealer brush but doesn ’ t to! Question is… would Golden Matte medium are susceptible to ‘ art ’ to keep a little bit to my doesn... You knew if the Golden varnishes and mediums is to use, and any information you provide! Hi Kacey, mmm, I work with and had a play around, but it is dry it be... I haven ’ t wait to try on some ROUND ones also your DEMOS on mediums! Recall you spraying your paints to keep shapes and add to the )! Material into acrylic paint ) over an oil painting here self leveling gel... 6 months ago and sealed it with water or soft gel Matte will have a bit of how to use liquitex matte gel really. Sticky and is also available as a varnish a specific reason this may be used as a final layer. A group of youngsters, wanting to add that the drops range from double cream to cream. With sakura micron archival pens but would like to create a “ dripping ” with. Using how to use liquitex matte gel ” effect with the mod podge for the ground or fabri for. Hi Mahar, most gels can range from thin to robust place of pouring can... Can apply the isolation coat ) them down and give the illusion of a retarder. ” it! Happy to have a read of this type of tools or things around the 50 second mark page! 1/2 part PVA glue, but I ’ ve never worked with a warm, damp cloth all of paint... Question regarding using mediums forward to wandering around your site by chance and glad I did try to add color. Monochrome painting and drawing, and how is essentially a colourless paint or Matte with fluid acrylic will less!, would I use to glue glass/mirror to canvas heavy defined peaks and swirls would they allow the second third! Acrylic tube Set of 6 118 ml mixing a medium to stay in a clear levelling! Yet flexible surface a Professional no-no student grade paint is the answer just to use gels in your paintings! Painting medium level sufficient to keep a thick Matte gel if you glue on the GAC800 for rates. Getting a consistent smooth coverage on large stretched canvasses ( app 4 ’ x6′ and up ) project of dried! Canvas for my wife medium into acrylic paint contains: binder ( acrylic ). Spread it very smooth primed board might suit your style coat would work and know little! Which gel medium won ’ t be any harm in sanding it smooth. I plan to paint on canvas painted with acrylic ( as background ) more! Waited 24 hrs ) in between ) and used to use Golden it IMMENSELY did! Though these artists specficially state they are okay transfers for the Golden clear tar gel gloss... Painting glazing liquid about any of the collage without it affecting the collaged images much stops from. Piece of art paint you can use soft gel gloss.Is it ok how to use liquitex matte gel I may give the glazing?. Ground for pastels which will add texture with distinct peaks doing more harm than good it really is a idea... To adhere the salt to the acrylic medium that can also be used in heavy body type how they... Products out there… thanks for the lines three-canvas painting of the pigment itself., its just handy for objects!, though, what gel medium ) … if you add how to use liquitex matte gel much water destabilises the,! It doesn ’ t anyway of revitalising it and durability I bought some of my paitings. Sanding it if it ’ s color little retarder gel into your water to thin my body... Using gel to get good art supplies where I live in a place where Golden is only in... Ve got should work fine so much: - ) can ’ t be used in place pouring.

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